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Exclusive Sourcing

Xiao’s Import & Export has a fixed product range but is also a specialist in exclusive sourcing. Do you have a special request or are you looking for a specific product? We can help you! We have a big international network and we have well-established relationships with fisherman, fish auctions and other traders. Because Xiao’s is sourcing globally, there is always a spot where your product is in season. Is your product not available? We will help to find you an alternative for your product, which is comparable to the product you requested, and your budget.

As from 2019 Xiao’s Import & Export is planning to host several inspirational and knowledge events. During these events we invite chefs, catering companies and buyers to meet our products and us. During these events we will educate our guests about our special products like for example how to prepare a geoduck or how to cook king crab. We hope to inspire our clients to use our products more in the future!

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